So you've joined The Slade Lab? Great! Now here are your missions should you choose to accept them.

Required Safety Training

Most training is online, except the Blood Borne Pathogens course which is taken on campus at VT.

Online CITI training: Complete the "VT Researchers Tier 2" course. The following link can be used to access CITI:

Online autoclave training: To register for the training, please use the following link:
Go to “Biological Safety”, and select “Register” for “Autoclave Use and Verification Program”.

Online Biosafety Cabinet training: To register for the training, please use the following link:
Go to “Biological Safety”, and select “Register” for “Introduction to Biological Safety Cabinets”.

Online NIH training:
Training slides:

Quiz: Use the following link to access the quiz site and select "Overview of the NIH Guidelines and VT IBC" from the drop-down menu

Online medical surveillance survey: Use the following link to Login and complete the questionnaire:

Blood-borne Pathogens training: Information regarding the class, and to register for a class, can be found using this link: Please go to “Bloodborne Pathogens”, and select “register” to sign up for a specific class.

** When you have finished, print out proof of each of these so they can be filed in the lab safety documentation! **

There are also additional documents specific to the lab that you need to read and sign, so consult the lab safety documentation binder and me with questions.

Digital Lab Notebook using Benchling

This is by far the most advanced digital lab notebook I have seen, with advanced tools for DNA editing, etc. I will likely send you an email request to join the lab Benchling account.

Link to learn more about Benchling: Benchling

Lab communication and file sharing using Slack

Slack is a great platform for keeping all of our lab conversations, papers you should read, and notebook links all synced. Combined with OneNote, it will make us more productive, and is much more organized than passing files through Email.

You can learn more about Slack at the link below, and how to download it to everyone platform that you can think of.

Slack Website
Slack for iPad or iPhone
Slack for Android

Data Management - USE THE CLOUD

I can't state enough how important it is to have an automatic backup of everything that you do, especially data from the lab. Your OneNote notebook will automatically be backed up through Microsoft, but everything else should be put in one of the following which will also integrate directly with Slack:

Dropbox - Free up to 5gb, $10/month for one terabyte (This is what I use): Link to Dropbox

Google Drive - Free also, but doesn't keep a physical copy of the file on your computer (unless you tell it to) so it is hard to access if there is no internet access: Link to Google Drive