Current Members

Former Members and Where they are now.

Name (Tenure in Lab) Position Current Position
Caroline Rohlfing: 5.17-8.17 Visiting Undergraduate Student (Wofford) Senior - Wofford College - Chemistry Major
Hans Smith: 5.15-7.17 Undergraduate Student Ph.D. Candidate - University of Wisconsin - CMB - Sauer Lab
Jane Duncan, Ph.D.: 9.15-4.17 Research Scientist Research Technician, Virginia Tech
Matt Howell: 6.16-8.16 Visiting Undergraduate Student (Wofford) Research Technician- Yale University - Hatzios Lab
Alaa Ragab: 11.15-1.16 Visiting High School Student Sophomore - Princeton University - Molecular Biology Major
Pranay Singh: 5.15-8.15 Visiting High School Student Sophomore - University of Chicago (Provost's Scholar) - CEO of Averia Health